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After watching an episode of real estate reality television, Ben Ackerman decided the quickest (and easiest) path to monetary success was through residential sales. So, he took the real estate exam and joined the most BOUTIQUE brokerage Los Angeles had to offer: Angel City Realty.
Ben prides himself on his professionalism and his ability to sit around and "wish" his clients into existence. Although the strategy has not yet paid off, Ben feels another career will present itself before things get too financially worrisome.

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Herbert "The Struggle is Real" Jones lives by the notion that "the harder the conflict is, the more glorious the triumph will be." He also lives by this notion: "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." He also says, "the most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse." Did he come up with those? No. But, he does plaster motivational quotes all over his social media pages to make it look like he's productive. Basically, Herbert turned to the real estate industry to take advantage of happy hours and eventually sell his mother's home.

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Pocket Listing Guy

“If anyone has anything off-market please let me know. My clients have seen EVERYTHING on the market. I need to find them something off-market ASAP. You know, a pocket listing? You, reading this right now.... do you have any pocket listings?”

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Scooter Gold is one of, if not the most successful agents in the galaxy. He specializes exclusively in luxury sales, representing celebrities you've heard of, athletes you've heard of, and foreign investors that Direct Message Instagram models saying, "come to Abu Dhabi."

Scooter was born and raised on the streets of Beverly Hills, getting his professional start working for his father Wyatt Gold, who of course runs the largest talent agency in Hollywood (DCM). Scooter prides himself on fostering his father's network and his ability to make everyone around him feel insignificant and inferior.

At any given time, Scooter has over $100 million in active listings that he delegates to inexperienced Yes-Men and other unpaid interns that rotate in and out of his massive team. Despite Scooter's busy schedule, he still finds time to blackout at 1 OAK, SOUND, and other hot clubs in LA on a nightly basis. Currently, Scooter resides in his "Malibu Weekend Retreat" home with his 19 year-old influencer girlfriend, Brittney, and a Corgi named Barkmani.

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Ted is one of, if not the most experienced real estate agent in all of Southern California. Since the beginning of the Roosevelt administration, Ted has represented both buyers and sellers of high-end estates across the city of Los Angeles.

Ted strives to keep things traditional throughout his transactions, refusing to adopt any new technology the industry has to offer. Ted operates on the notion that "if it can't be done in person, it shouldn't be done at all," which actually makes zero sense. Ted is near impossible to get ahold of as he does not use email or possess a cell phone. Luckily, he is almost always at his desk where he spends the majority of his time crushing cough drops and avoiding his wife.



Vanessa could have been anything in the world. For some strange reason, she chose to be a real estate agent. She does more business than anyone in her office (besides Scooter), but nobody gets jealous because she's so smart, attractive, and moral.